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A difficult question to answer! It really depends on the specifics of the individual website in terms of number of pages and complexity. I have done sites for clients and then passed off the site and that's it.  In the past 2 years I've pretty much stopped doing that.

I am a business consultant that provides solutions using todays tech tools to drive your bottom line profitability.  I am more than a web dev person, I consult, advise and suggest solutions that take websites to the next level. With that in mind, if you're reading this, you may want to consider an annual tech budget of 1k for small ecommerce sites to 5k + for businesses who want to take their business to success on the internet with branding and marketing campaigns.  You know that the right image at the right time brings perception into reality.  Branding - is built upon the graphics and is a separately quoted charge. Just give me a call 310-929-0492.  Simple solutions and affordable prices are now available for you in 2017

Did I build your existing site? then yes, of course I support all the sites I build.  Now if you want me to tweak someone else's work, the answer is most likely no.  Other people's code tends to be a mixed bag of problems and I don't like other people's problems! So, even tho i say i will consider it, most likely it would be more prudent to build a good foundation with a new site than work on a broken one.

Yes! While I've found that no host is perfect (particularly cheaper shared hosting providers, who have all seemed to struggle with downtime recently), I typically make the following recommendations:
For WordPress, my top recommendation is WP Engine - that's who this site is hosted with, and I am a huge fan of their service and support. It's not cheap, but I think it's a case of "get what you pay for." You can click my Affiliate link for 2 free months:  PRE-PAY FOR WP ENGINE HOSTING FOR 1 YEAR AND GET 2 MONTHS FREE!
I also like HOSTGATOR because they provide very good technical service for reasonable prices.  You can click my Affliiate link for 25% off with this coupon Code: ChaseIT25off  : click here for Hostgator
For domain registration separate from hosting, I use and recommend

I mainly work with WordPress (for blogs and info sites), and WooCommerce or Shopify (for e-commerce). These are both tried and true systems with a lot of functionality balanced with ease of use for the site administrator in the long term.
In addition to building sites using the above software (and other CMSs from time to time), I’m able to hand-code sites using regular old HTML, CSS, jQuery and PHP when the situation calls for it.
I do not work with subpar platforms such as Blogger, Squarespace, or Big Cartel, mainly because they are not professional in the functions offered in my opinion.

Yes! Always!
Just email me and I'll send you a sample if you'd like to take a look at the terms, as well as client expectations. Please note that the contract and terms are subject to change, regardless of whether the sample has been updated.

Not all... typically content entry to a fully populated site isn't included in the project quote. This is for two reasons:
1. To save the client money
2. To help the client get familiar with the content management system
You do get a base level of content necessary to get the site set up and to test all the templates. Usually, the content in the design files are fully input, so the closer to final the content provided to ChaseIT, the closer the site will be to ready.
Where the content entry specification usually comes into play is sites with a lot of basic pages, and sites with portfolios, galleries, or products. In those cases, we'll enter a page or two, and a couple portfolio items/ images/ products for testing purposes, but it'll be up to the client to add the rest of their photos or products, etc.
Sometimes clients want to pay a bit more in exchange for not having to do any content work before launching their site - in those cases, I'm happy to do the content entry and/or tutor a staff member to accomplish specifics tasks for an additional fee.

I graduated from Boston University with an A.A., then onto Pennsylvania State University for a B.A. in Arts & Architecture while rounding out with a Business degree from the University of Southern California. But my greatest school has been the School of Life; beginning on the 'mean streets' of NYC in TV & Film production, to Paramount Pictures in Hollywood (now that was mean!), then the Dot Com years in California working with Cisco engineers and being closely involved with bringing Broadband to Los Angeles' San Fernando Valley... back then all the code was new and the institutional knowledge of servers and software integration I received was a great educational foundation for working with today's complex web solutions. I've been hooked on the Internet every since.

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